About Me

My name is Antonio Hicks, and I’m a 5th year studying American Studies with an African American focus. I was born in Monterey, California in July 10th, 1998. My family and I would move soon after to Fayetteville, North Carolina where we would live there until 2012. Ever since then, I have lived in Stafford, Virginia for the rest of my life. Throughout my life, I have been aware of my skin color and some aspects of my culture, but I was also a young sheltered military brat who have lived in predominantly white areas. Even with attending the University of Mary Washington, and having more black spaces, at the end of the day The pandemic year was a year I had a better understanding of the material conditions of not only the poor and rich, but having a better grasp on what modern conditions were for black people. What I realized from my experience from attending a protest and the violence on black people that enforced upon made me realize that nothing has fundamentally change. Whenever black people in rise up and act out because of the constant oppression, we are met with violence through police brutality and lynching to prison slavery. This has made me realize that no real change with ever come without radical change. This is the reason why I’m not only anti capitalist, but also a black nationalist. This is why I believe that black people should able to own their own means of production. I try my best to strive for that daily. On campus, not only have I been a long standing member of the NAACP (The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People), I am the Vice Chair of the Radical Student Union (RSU). RSU is a leftist student led organization that wants to make real systemic change. But what does that mean exactly? To be radical is to grasp things by the root.“ (Marx)